Photo: Wai Ng

· Recordings

     A small sample of my music (old,

     kinda old, really old, and original)

    I Can't Be Satisfied (Morganfield)

    Great Balls of Fire (Blackwell/Hammer)

    Guitar Rag (Traditional) 

    Ain't Got Me No Blues (Pappajohn)          


  Links to Radio Shows

    These shows were recorded live on radio KFFA in Helena, Arkansas

King Biscuit Time, 13 Oct 08

King Biscuit Time, 9 Nov 2010

  Links to videos on 

   These videos were recorded by George Ruf at the Thai Cafe (you have to be a Facebook member to see them):

    How Long for I Can Change My Clothes  

    Dust My Broom

   These videos were recorded by Carla Linkous Maxwell at Gist's Music in Helena AR.  They feature me     

     accompanying Australian singer/songwriter Adrian Kosky on his original songs (with my lap steel guitar):

    Honey Ditch Hopping

    Dirty Laundry